Beautiful Ghana

See Ghana. 11 breathtaking images showing Ghana’s beautiful landscape.

Happy Independence Day Ghana.

There are many beautiful things about Ghana to appreciate. The diverse culture, the beautiful people, the great music and food

Also, there are breathtaking scenery and landscapes we may not notice every day

Well, this photographer does.

Through his lens, Lawrence Benjamin Quo of Visual Octopi has been taking breathtaking images showing the beauty of this beloved nation

  1. Showing nature

 2. Showing infrastructure

3. Showing modern Architecture

Ghana Independence

4. Even classic architecture

Ghana Independence

5. Showing peace

6. Surreal scenery


7. Showing vegetation


8. Showing landscape


9. Showing our beaches


10. Showing our shores

Ghana's Independence


11. True unforgettable beauty


Go out and discover the Beauty of Ghana too. Happy Independence Day

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