5 classic commercials with songs you will never stop singing if you are Ghanaian

Happy 61st Independence Day Ghana

If you are a Ghanaian in your mid-twenties and over, then there are some classic Ghanaian classic commercials with jungles you will never stop singing

These jingles made these commercials more beautiful and helped us remember them.

Most importantly, they  gave us tunes which pop up in our minds when we least expect it

Truth is that these songs will never go because they are beautiful

To celebrate 61 years of Ghana, here is a compilation of 5 of them.

  1. “I have liverplex B too”

2. This classic one from Obrafuor and Tictac

3. This song for a washing campaign

4. This unforgettable one from Club Beer

5. This beautiful Gino family

Please comment in the comment section with other jingles you can remember

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