Ghanaian-American sensation Queen Drie is gearing up to inspire and empower with her upcoming release, “WOMAN,” set to drop on March 8th, just in time for International Women’s Day.

Taking to her social media platforms, the rising star shared a sneak peek of the song, inviting women tired of being undermined and supporters of female empowerment to join her in celebrating resilience and dreams.

In a bold move aimed at empowering both herself and her fans, Queen Drie has opted to release “WOMAN” exclusively on the EVEN platform.

“Are you a woman who’s just sick of being undermined? You are probably a hustler, you probably work two jobs. Or are you a man who loves empowering women? You tell our young girls to dream big and conquer the world. Well, my brand new single, Woman will be out on March 8th and you can get it on EVEN,” she shared.

Explaining her decision, she highlighted the need for artists to receive fair compensation for their work, citing the minimal earnings from streaming platforms.

By choosing EVEN, Queen Drie aims to foster a direct connection with her audience while offering exclusive perks.

“EVEN the platform that allows you to buy my music directly from me and allows me to give you exclusive access to merch, live shows, meet and greet and we could text. It’s so much more. So go ahead and hit the link and buy the art directly from the artist,” she advocated.

This announcement comes amidst Queen Drie’s busy schedule as she prepares to perform at Chicago’s highly anticipated 312 Music Awards on March 10. With nominations in two esteemed categories; “Afro Artist of the Year” and “Female Artist of the Year”, Queen Drie’s star continues to rise, fueled by her commitment to empowering women and inspiring the next generation to dream big.

Purchase woman by Queen Drie on Even Music Platform here