Snapchat Influencer Alondra asked on her Snapchat followers "What was your first impression of your roommate"

There is a popular saying that “First Impressions matter’ this is because first impressions often set the tone for how we treat people or build our perception about them before we actually get to know them. Most times, roommates have to deal with this perceived idea of someone’s personality before actually getting to know them.

To fully understand how this happens, Snapchat Influencer Alondra asked this question on her Snapchat a few months ago about her users’ first impressions of their roommates the first time they met with them. 

The snapchat confessions she received were interesting and we decided to post them here for you. 

Comment with your first impression of your roommate too when you met them for the first time.

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Alondra is a student at the University of Professional Studies in Ghana studying Accounting and Finance. She is also a fashion and lifestyle Influencer with a huge community and following on Snapchat. Follow her on her social media below