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Confessions! What annoys you most about your roommate? Pt 2

The most hilarious responses from Nhyira Baidoo’s followers on Snapchat

Curated by Nhyira Baidoo

A few months ago, our favourite influencer Nhyira Baidoo asked this on her Snapchat’ What annoys you most about your roommate? The responses she received were just so hilarious and interesting at the same time. We shared some of our favorites in an earlier post but here is more from the pack that you should check out

Hopefully, if you are still a student, you don’t have to experience roommates like the ones in these posts.

There is always a boyfriend causing trouble

This whole story smells fishy

Someone hates to wash

This is so not nice

It’s giving trouble causer

Crazy things are happening

Someone doesn’t like her guests

The food is her contribution

Roommates really hate cleaning

Someone is not being kind


More sleep, more food

This one hates a lot of drama

Someone needs to be educated

Mine, Yours, Ours

Hotel Campus

This should be a Public Safety Announcement

This one is struggling to keep a secret

Full restaurant

Hello Sister Mary

Another personal hygiene issue

Let us know if you can relate to these stories in the comments below and share your experiences. We have more content like this

Nhyira is a third-year Business Administration student at the University of Ghana, Legon. She is also a social media Influencer and Content Creator

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