Photos: Wesley Kesse gets social media buzzing with ravishing outfit at TGMA 2024

The Ghanaian social media influencer’s bold appearance at the just-ended Telecel Ghana Music Awards sparked conversations online about the future of Ghana’s red-carpet experience
Ghanaian Influencer Wesley Kese at TGMA

The TGMA has long been one of those rare occasions where Ghanaians rally together to celebrate the country’s showbiz in its full glory and last weekend, June 1 was no different. It was, as expected, a spectacle, with one name dominating its annual red-carpet gossip: Wesley Kesse.

Kesse, best known for his undeniable confidence, sported an unconventional style at the event that caught the eye of other attendees, the paparazzi, and even fans back home. He made two fashion statements, first in an ornate piece that people dubbed “Catch of the Night” and later in a bespoke black and mint blue piece designed by First Tribe Africa.

Ghanaian Influencer Wesley Kese at TGMA

His first dress code was a bold testament to his fearless persona. He wore bright Red Palazzo Pants that gracefully commanded attention with every step, paired with his pièce de résistance–a jacket adorned in intricate 3D-printed rose petals. According to the influencer, each petal was hand-stitched meticulously to create a natural bloom that springs to life with every movement.

The ensemble was a work of art, accentuated by patterns of roses cascading below the bust of his jacket. It showcased expert craftsmanship while pushing the envelope of traditional menswear, striking a delicate balance between strength and sensitivity. Under the dazzling lights and admiring gazes, the outfit and the man wearing it became one–displaying an unforgettable vision of style, confidence and artistic expression.

While some might consider his fashion statement for the night as garish, Quophi Akotuah (the designer behind the piece) begs to differ. To the fashion guru, the attire marks the dawn of a new era. It tells the story of a man unafraid to embrace his individuality, challenge norms, and express his identity through fashion, thus making it an extension of his inner self–a crucial step to redefining the Ghanaian red carpet experience in the coming years.

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