When we started this in 2017, Tiktok wasn’t popular, no one had seen Avengers Endgame yet and X was still Twitter.

It’s all been 7 years since we started Spark and every time i look  back at our progress, i am grateful to our community and the sheer will of our team and collaborators. You keep us going!

This edition is a special one, because we have a new fresh logo, we will be rolling out our magazine website for the first time and making some huge changes in the content you will be seeing in this edition as well. 

Unlike previous editions, this particular edition features the most read content from our website over the last 6 months. Hopefully, we you will love them but please send an email to sparkmagazinegh@gmail.com or leave your comments under this post on how we can improve our product.

We have included links at the end of some pages in our pdf magazine which will lead directly to our website to complete the article you are reading and most importantly, engage with the content the way we want you to.

For this edition, we have also launched our podcast series as well as some entertaining content on YouTube. Don’t miss out on any of these, we have some really cool video content coming in the next couple of weeks so kindly subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow our pages on social media to get updated. 

This edition was the combined effort of our community of students and many content collaborators and writers from all over the world who have contributed in their own way to the content you will be reading.

Remember to always #betheSpark wherever you are. 

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