Campus Confessions: Anonymous people shade their annoying roommates

If your roommate dey bore you, then this is for you

Curated by Alondra

22nd November, 2023

Roommates can be a pain in the a*s and you really just can’t say it to their face because maybe they are bigger than you or are just stronger. Think about it, even if you managed to say it to their face because you sleep in the same room and they can do anything to you at night when you are fast asleep so for the sake of peace and your life, it’s best you jump on an anonymous SendIt on Snapchat and tell the world how you really feel about them hoping they see it but not see it.

Voicing out is liberating and safe at the same time

We found these responses from social media Influencer Alondra’s Snapchat and decided to share some of the most exciting ones we found of people speaking their hearts out to their annoying roommates. We are behind them because peace can’t always be the solution to everything. Sometimes scatter everything and show them say they really dey bore you.

Visitor be like “something smells fishy”

It turns out roommates like farting

The gods won this one here

This roommate missed the point but have fun Sis

Revenge is a meal best-served cold

This one was too scared

Thank you too Ama

The war is on…

Something was definitely happening in her dreams

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