Listen to these podcasts for Creative inspiration
Listen to these podcasts for Creative inspiration

5 Top Podcasts for Creatives You Should Listen to

Written by Barbara Ofosu

All over the world, Creative people have shared experiences and challenges they face every day. From creative blocks to the challenge of combining their passions with their daily lives and solving everyday problems, Creatives need inspiration and motivation to express themselves.

Mediums like books, movies, and podcasts are effective ways for Creatives to seek inspiration and insights to help them solve these problems. In this post, we share the top 5 of the most critically acclaimed podcasts for Creative people that you should check out and save on your list.

1. Design Matters

Listen to these podcasts for Creative inspiration

The first on our list of Podcasts for Creatives is Design Matters hosted by Debbie Millman. This stands as one of the most enduring and widely followed design podcasts. Every episode entails a comprehensive interview with a creative expert, spanning graphic designers, architects, and writers. Check this podcast out on Spotify here

2. How to be an Artist

Next on our list of Podcasts for Creative People is Jerry Saltz’s podcast, “How to Be an Artist,” is a fantastic resource for creatives. The creative process is the main topic of this episode. Famous art critic and curator Saltz offers his thoughts on what it takes to be a successful artist, covering everything from honing your skill to establishing your voice. Check this podcast on Spotify here

3. Make Art Not Content

The excellent podcast Make Art Not Content is for anyone in the creative industry. This well-curated podcast for Creatives, which is hosted by illustrator and designer Jake Parker, examines the creative process and provides useful guidance for artists who want to advance their careers and develop their abilities. Make Art Not Content is an essential podcast for any creative hoping to elevate their work, featuring interviews with a diverse range of artists. Thus, don’t forget to include Make Art Not Content in your collection of podcasts for artists. Check this Podcast on Spotify here

4. Creative Pep Talk

The 4th on our list of podcasts for Creatives is by Andy J. Miller. This podcast focuses on assisting creatives in finding their voice and accomplishing their objectives. Every episode features motivational tales from accomplished creatives along with practical guidance. Listen to this podcast on Spotify.

5. Creative Honey

Listen to these podcasts for Creatives

Creative Honey is the last on the list of Podcasts for Creatives. On this podcast, you’ll find discussions on creative careers like art, design, branding, photography, and user experience with a variety of people.

Bookmark these podcasts and be sure to listen to them in your spare time.

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