Afrobeats Ghanaian Artist Kweku Pee talks to Spark
Afrobeats new voice Kweku Pee from Ghana talks to Spark Magazine

Meet Afrobeats new darling boy Kweku Pee

How it all started and where it’s all going

By Nana Kojo Mula on 24th November, 2023

Conversations around Ghana’s position in the current globalization of afrobeats have left a section of Ghanaians feeling that we have been left out of the benefits entirely. Others are of the notion that there is still more to be done when it comes to the globalization of the genre, and we can still reap the fruits of the harvest. As such, there are artists who are positioning themselves to reap the benefits that come with Afrobeats growth around the world. One such person is Kweku Pee, an afrobeat artist from Tema, a suburb of Accra. From singing to friends and performing on small stages in school, Kweku has grown into an artist who has placed himself on a promising path with his songs and debut EP, ‘Love and Melody’. He shares his experiences and career highlights in an interview with Spark Magazine.

SM: Hi Kweku, It is great having this conversation with you. Before we delve into the matter, who is Kweku Pee?

Kweku Pee is an afropop/afrobeats artist from Ghana just making my own unique sound every time. I grew up in Tema Community 11 and was an old student at Tema Senior High.

SM: Where did you grow up and how did the environment affect your life?

Tema is a community where everyone is pushing to make something on their own. I grew up around people who are hustling to make something their own. If you go to Community 1, it is a trapper city and everyone is pushing to secure on their own. 

SM: How has the reception of your decision to make music been from your family? More often than not, African parents would want their children to do some more white-collar job

My family has always been big on “going to school,” or starting a business and I am the first person in my family to pursue music so it has been very tough. But  I was going to school and still pursuing music. I started with writing songs but not recording it because I was scared but at some point, I developed the courage and just started recording. Right now, they have gotten used to it, and they like it.

SM: How long have you been making music, and how will you describe your career so far?

I have been making music professionally for 3 years now, and I will describe my career as grace to grace. Because every day, something new is happening. 

SM: Listening to your songs, you seem to dabble in different genres. What would you say is Kweku’s genre? What makes you different?

I make Afrobeat and Afropop. I believe my sound, melody, and delivery make me different. I also add a unique melody in my songs which makes me different. 

SM: Can you run us through your creative process and how you decide on which genre of music to put out when it’s time to release music?

Right now, I live with my producer, Swaty Beatz who is always playing beats. So I draw inspiration from what he plays and then we record. He produced all the songs on my new project. 

SM: You put out an EP, “Love and Emotions.” Congratulations on that. But we constantly hear people say Ghanaians do not appreciate projects, and with you being this young in your career, why an EP?

You need to feed your people and let them understand what you are doing. People need to know where you are coming from and where you want to go. A day before the release of my project I had a show and the turnout was crazy. It showed that people loved what I was doing.  Bringing out the EP is just my way of letting people understand who I am and what I am about.

SM: We see some of our big acts share how challenging making music is. Do you share the same sentiments, and what are some of the challenges you are facing?

Everybody is going through something. Everyone has their own problems, but they are life obstacles you need to overcome. Every challenge you face prepares me for another step in your life. I cannot say everything right now but I always come out of it and be better.

SM: They say the music space involves a lot of business. What is Kweku doing to ensure that he is always in tune with what is happening in the business aspect of the music industry?

Every successful artist has a team, and as an upcoming artist, you need to get people, work hand in hand with them and you need to have team members who will coach you, someone to help with the business aspect etc. You cannot do everything by yourself. If you do that, you will mess up. Thankfully I have a team and even though it is tough, they have been doing amazing work.

SM: What should fans be on the lookout for when it comes to Kweku Pee in the coming months and years?

I have this new project out, and it is making waves. They should expect more. I will have my tour on stage soon, so they should be on the lookout. I will produce more good music for them. 

SM: As we conclude this conversation, what final words do you have for our readers and your fans?

If you are reading this, my name is Kweku Pee, and I do afrobeats/afropop. I have a new EP out called Love and Emotions, it is very nice. From track 1 to track 4, everything is good and they should check it out. They should expect more from me because more is coming. 

Check out Kweku Pee’s newest album titled Love and Chaos and follow him on social media

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