These are 5 websites you can borrow inspiration from

5 websites you can borrow Inspiration from if you are starting out as a Designer

If you have been a designer long enough, you’d know that many designs are actually improved and modified ideas inspired by older ones. In the design world, good old designs usually act as your design instructor, saving you the trouble of a lot of thinking. Sometimes, as a designer, you might get stuck on a project until you find very beautiful designs that share similarities with what you’re trying to achieve. Here are six websites you can visit for design inspiration for your next project:

1. Pinterest

This website has an ocean of great designs that can inspire your next biggest design project. From logo designs to posters and social media designs, Pinterest has your back. However, the tricky thing about Pinterest is that when you first start using it, you might not find any great designs or even any design work at all. Initially, you might just be seeing pictures of people and clothes until you start using the search effectively to find design-related content. By clicking on the few great design works that show up, you can influence the algorithm to keep showing you similar designs.

2. Behance

Behance serves as the official portfolio for many designers who showcase their numerous great designs. It’s a great platform for discovering impressive design works and gaining inspiration.

3. Dribble

Apart from serving as a design portfolio for numerous designers who showcase their general design works, Dribbble is a great source of inspiration for UI designers. It typically showcases various accounts’ UI designs on the platform.

4. Freepik

Freepik is a major design resource for people who want to download design templates to kick-start their next project. It also serves as a point of inspiration for designers in any area of design they want to pursue.

5. Instagram

While you might know Instagram as a place for watching exciting videos and scrolling through pictures of your favorite stars, it is also used as a portfolio for many designers. Numerous designers who want to work with new clients often post their works on Instagram to gain attention. This has made Instagram one of the best places to find design inspiration from countless accounts. You are sure to find pages with various kinds of designs, as well as pages specializing in just limited forms of logo designs, flyer designs, and more.

By exploring these websites, you can discover a wealth of design inspiration that can elevate your next project to new heights.

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