We finally found out why Tetteh Quarshie Interchange has a colourful mural on a wall.

Just across the street from Accra Mall, the walls of Tetteh Quarshie Interchange have been glowing with a colourful mural that reads “WE DEY LIKE ACCRA” Days after this installation, lots of people took to social media to ask what it was about. This might be because most people aren’t used to such a commercial space being used that way.

The mural which is a #PostNOBill initiative by Street Museum and Accra Metropolitan Assembly seeks to solve an issue the city
has been facing for a long time; the illegal practice of defacing walls with posters often advertising events or products.

Through such installations in public spaces, they want to transform such walls into museums showing the works of Ghanaian artists and depicting Ghanaian experiences. This also brings Art into public spaces and conversation.

The thought of many walls in Accra being perfect spots for pictures is an idea we love. Please keep beautifying
Accra’s Walls Street Museum.


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