Money matters for your youthful soul

One truth about being young is that you never have enough money. Well…unless your Dad is the President or you recorded a song that became an overnight hit and you are suddenly an accidental millionaire. If you are not any of these, then you may have to learn how to save the little you have so you can save some money to buy your Range Rover before 40 or travel the world as you’ve always wanted to do.

1. Budget for everything
Put money down every month towards buying clothes, going to the movies, late-night snacks, books, and chilling. This helps you stick within your budget and allows you to save a portion of your money every month.

2. Get used school books from seniors
New books and photocopies can be very expensive. Make friends with your seniors in your faculty or departments and ask them to give you their test books once the academic year is over.

3. Save before Spend
Sign up for a savings account with any preferred bank, and request a standing order with your bank. This allows you to save before any money is apportioned for spending.

4. Find fun for free
It’s tempting to go out to eat and plan social activities that revolve around spending money. Find on-campus fun-worthy activities by campus groups that won’t require you to spend a dime. You can also plan outings with friends so you split the cost evenly.

5. Always remember that there is rice at home
Remember when your mum said “There is rice at home” Anytime you want her to buy food from outside, cooking at home saves a lot of money. A lot can be saved by purchasing ingredients from the local market and making the most of leftovers.

6. Up your Hustle
If you have some time, then you can find work on campus or outside campus to earn some extra cash.
Of course, this job shouldn’t distract you from concentrating on school work. This job may not be an office executive-looking job, but you may gain some experience and earn some money to support you in school.

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