Visit these 10 Art Galleries in Accra this Year

The Best Spaces in Accra for the Creative Mind

Written by: Abraham Ofofi Henaku

Part of what makes Accra the vibrant cultural hub that it is lies in its deep connection with the arts. The capital city of Ghana pulsates with the creativity of contemporary artists including Ablade Glover, Nana Anoff, Ibrahim Mahama, Serge Attukwei Clottey, and Zohra Opoku, who have etched their names onto the global canvas and continue to contribute unique perspectives to the creative landscape.

Access to exhibition spaces is crucial for artists to connect their production with responses, and in Accra, several galleries serve as vital meeting points for the city’s creative circles and art enthusiasts. From galleries showcasing traditional painting methods to spaces breathing life into discarded materials, here’s a curated list of art centers that beckon both enthusiasts and the curious into Accra’s thriving art scene.

1. Nubuke Foundation

Nestled in East Legon, the Nubuke Foundation stands as a beacon for authentic Ghanaian art. With a symbolic exterior and a maze of exhibition rooms inside, it provides a platform for creative exchanges. Hosting events like the Talk Party and supporting young talents, Nubuke is a hub propelling the development of artistic practices.

2. ANO (Arts in Nubuke’s Orbit) Arts Institute

Founded by Ghanaian art historian Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, ANO, situated in Osu, promises a rich cultural experience. Its transformation from an old Alfa Romeo repair shop to a hub with a gallery, library, and bookshop signifies its commitment to diverse artistic expressions and collaborations on a national and international scale.

3. Nanoff Gallery

Located in the Airport West Residential Area, the Nanoff Gallery is a testament to artistic innovation. Nana Anoff’s sculptures, crafted from discarded materials, pay homage to Ghanaian women and their transformative impact. The gallery showcases how waste can become raw material, narrating compelling stories through art.

4. Kuenyehia

Dedicated to young Ghanaian artists aged 25 to 40, Kuenyehia serves as a dynamic space for paintings, sculptures, and illustrations. The annual art prize fosters motivation and recognition among contemporary Ghanaian artists, contributing to the vibrancy of the local art scene.

5. . Gallery 1957

Situated at Kempinski Hotel, Gallery 1957, founded by Marwan Zakhem, offers a curated experience of contemporary art. From impactful installations to exhibitions, it engages viewers in thought-provoking narratives. The gallery’s focus on modern Africa’s consumption through artistic expression is both refreshing and enlightening.

6. Art Without Borders Gallery

In Kokrobite, next to Sobamba Beach Resort, this gallery has been showcasing artifacts from West Africa for seven years. With a diverse range of art pieces, from oils on canvas to sculptures in various materials, it provides a comprehensive exploration of contemporary African art.

7. Tiga African Art Consultancy

Owned by Lily Sefa-Boakye, Tiga features the works of established artists like Nicholas Kowalski and Seth Clottey. The gallery’s commitment to collaboration and showcasing boundary-pushing art reflects its pivotal role in shaping the artistic landscape.

8. The Loom

Established in 1969, Frances Ademola’s The Loom offers a timeless experience for contemporary art lovers. Housing quality paintings, beads, ceramics, and sculptures, it stands as a premier gallery in Accra, showcasing the works of over a hundred acclaimed artists.

9. Artists’ Alliance Galley

Situated along Labadi Beach, the Artists’ Alliance Gallery is a three-story artistic haven. With a vast collection ranging from paintings to installations, it vividly captures the essence of Ghanaian street life and traditional settings, showcasing the diversity within the country’s art scene.

10. Savannah Centre of Contemporary Art (SCCA)

Venturing beyond Accra, the SCCA in Tamale is an artist-run space, exhibition center, and residency. With a focus on significant moments in Ghanaian and international art, it serves as a communal space for artistic exploration and research.

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