Written by: Adwoa Afriyie Sarpong

We love to tell stories about young people making it happen in Ghana despite challenges in combining school and other life pressures with a thriving business. These 6 young people featured here have proven to be exceptional in their fields and successful in multiple areas of their lives. They are an inspiration to us.

From our earlier post about students with businesses making it happen, this also features 6 of our favorite young entrepreneurs from Ghana who own businesses we love.

From fashion connoisseurs to beauty grooming to DJs and more, you will witness firsthand the passion, creativity, and determination that drives these young entrepreneurs.

1. Genes Hair Gallery – Beauty salon

Genes Hair Gallery is a true testament to Genevieve’s passion and dedication. Starting as a freelance side gig while studying political science at the University of Ghana, Genevieve’s love for braiding has propelled her towards success. Even while burning the midnight oil, her zeal for braiding remained unquenched. If you are looking for a beauty salon that can groom and cater to all your hairstyle needs, “book Genevieve! She can do it for you!” Locs, braids, or cornrows, Genes Hair Gallery is the place to be!  Every season is a glow-up season with Genevieve. Walk through the doors of geneshairgallery to let your hair shine. 

2. DJ Phantom – Beats and Jams

Through Grace and Takashi, DJ Phantom has single-handedly harnessed music while juggling the beats and rhythms that make us move and groove. DJ Phantom is also a past student at the University of Ghana and one of the young entrepreneurs who skillfully balanced the world of music with the demands of school. With his magical mixes and spellbinding tunes, DJ Phantom casts a spell on the dance floor, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances. When the sun rises, he switches gears and dives into his studies, showing that dedication and passion coexist harmoniously. If you ever need that one magical DJ to lighten up your event, DJ Phantom is here for you!

3. SPiCE! – Clothing (Brand)

GIIIIRRLSSS! Spice up your wardrobe with the hottest, sassiest, and classiest fashion-forward styles from SPiCE! Starting as a jean brand with a smack of the bold SPICE sticker on the bottom or sexy low-back trousers that accentuate the curves “yo momma” gave you, spicethebrand has flourished into something extraordinary.  Prepare to turn heads while making a statement with their unique and vibrant clothing collection. Now, strutting their recent collection on URBN MALL, viewers can attest that Rachel Kwapong has harnessed the power to create these outfits with generous doses of casual chic, daring aura, bold statement, sass, and class.  

As a final year student of Ashesi University, it is evident that she balances the workload of both worlds: school and her passion. If you want to unleash your inner sassiness while keeping it bold, cute, and everlastingly sexy, the Birthday Queen Collection is the perfect choice. But if you crave that ideal blend of sass and class, the Princess Diana Collection is where it is! Let us not forget about the other fabulous collections like Green w Envy, I C U baby, Little Mermaid, and Knot ur baby. PURR! Are you ready to unleash your inner SPiCE! Doll? Visit SPiCE! and swipe through to discover that outfit that makes you a babe! Remember: Pretty girls wear SPiCE!

4. Bijouxgh – Jewellery Plug

Every look is better with some jewellery and that is what Bijouxgh seeks to do. Making you look exceptionally beautiful like the queen you are, whether you are going on a dinner date with your loved one on a girls’ night out with your friends or just going to lectures, Accessories from Bijouxgh will have you looking like a queen no matter what you are wearing. The Founder Lousia Ofosuhene is a level 300 student at the University of Ghana who also combines this business with other gigs. Her talent, passion for work, and self-development are why we love her as one of the young entrepreneurs to look out for from Ghana.

Check out the page on Instagram, follow it, and be sure to purchase something at an affordable price today.

5. Kyo1z – Uprising Music Producer

Student Entrepreneurs in Ghana featured on Spark Magazine

Get ready to vibe with Kyo1z, a young man from Ghana who is making waves in the music industry. Kyo1z, also known as Duane Awuah Darko, is the ultimate music maestro and student extraordinaire at the University of Aberdeen! He is acing two things: studies and dropping them beats that will have you dancing like nobody is watching.

With his debut album “Capable,” he is taking the music scene by storm, bringing a fresh twist to Afrobeats that will make you move and groove!

Picture this! Infectious rhythms, catchy hooks, mind-blowing melodies – all rolled into one. This is what Kyo1z is bringing to the table. You might have to keep smashing that replay icon.  Look him up on Spotify, turn up that volume, and get ready to experience the musical genius of Kyo1z. Trust me, you won’t be able to resist. Keep an eye out for this talented student-music producer as he continues to pursue his dreams and create amazing music that resonates with audiences worldwide.


6. Mahalia Hair – Beauty Product

It is the era of sleek and bouncy hair, where ladies aim to look stunning with their wigs shining in the sunlight. How about giving Mahalia Hair a try? It is the ultimate hair affair. Whether you are into kinky curly, Jerry curly, deep, loose, water, or body hair, Mahalia’s got you covered. Even as a student at UPSA, she is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality hair from around the world. Are you ready to shine and glow like never before? Follow her beauty page on instagram

Be sure to follow these young entrepreneurs and keep an eye on their journey. In a few years, they will be some of the continent’s biggest business moguls.

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