Yo geng! Bad WASSCE results isn’t the end of the world. Here’s how to stop worrying and start winning

With the recent release of 2018 WASSCE results, many students are not too happy with their performance. Growing up, our parents kept telling us how failing the national exams may be the end of our lives. They have a reason to say so and they may be right because a good performance means an easy entry into University which may also lead to a good career and finally a good income.

So you really have a good reason to be scared if your WASSCE results weren’t full of As and Bs.

But it also doesn’t mean that’s the end of your life.

It’s just a hurdle on the way you have to overcome.

In this post, we have outlined a few points to help you deal the situation during this period your results aren’t looking so good.

Focus on the bigger picture

it’s not that easy to do this when you are staring at your results and its full of Ds and Fs but this approach will help. Look at your life 10 years from now. Visualize what you want you dream of doing and focus on it. When you do that, you will realize that the failure now is not enough to take you away from that. Honestly, there are different routes to reaching your dreams. Just find it.

Consider other routes

Most of us are used to just one route of getting an education. That’s why only a few enter the popular universities university and many can’t go through. But it’s not the only way. There are many more ways of completing your education. It may not be the dream university or institution you had in mind but it could be one you will end up loving. You can even get a technical training and achieve your dreams.

Cut the comparison

A bigger problem during this period is watching your friends who had better grades and comparing yourself to them. This will make you feel worse about yourself. It’s not healthy to do this in life and definitely not during this period. Everyone has a unique path in life. Because someone else performed better in exams doesn’t mean they are better than you. There are definitely many things you are great at. Always remember that your life is uniquely yours.

Learn from your flaws

This is also a good time to sit back and reflect. Look back and consider some things you did wrong which may have affected your results. Don’t dwell on them too much but try to cut back a lifestyle or a habit which affected. You will have to do this self-assessment and improvement a lot more times in your life so better start now. What matters most is that you improve on yourself and avoid the mistakes.

Reimagine your life

This is the best period to rethink and be sure about what you want to do. It may be a career path you have in mind isn’t the best for you. It may not be what you are cut out for. This is the best period to think deeply and consider other careers. It may be from a passion you’ve never really considered or a business idea you had. Read widely, research more and you will be surprised at what you may fall in love with.

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