Here goes the love album for the love season by Black Majesty

Black Majesty releases a 4-songs EP, the ideal love playlist to sing to your partner. The summary of the songs is as follows:

Song 1: Make Love and Music ft D Foli

The song emphasizes the enduring and timeless qualities of love and music. The song promotes positivity, rejects negativity, and conveys a commitment to making a positive impact through the fusion of love, music, and Christian values.

Song 2: Lose Control ft Dwight

The song expresses intense emotions of love and admiration. Majesty is captivated by the physical looks of the loved one, emphasizing a possessive yet committed attitude. The love is a ride-or-die one, envisioning a future together

Song 3: Calling ft Sonafuche

This song emphasizes a strong connection, both physically and spiritually, between two lovers. There is an expression of gratitude and a highlight of the exclusivity and depth of the relationship. The second part of the lyrics introduces a more intimate tone, describing moments of physical closeness.

Song 4: Trust ft Negta

This is a song of a lover reassuring their love to their partner. Partners may have fears and insecurities, and the song points to communication that overcomes past issues that caused them. The song says trust is a currency in the relationship, and cannot be bought. The lover reassures their partner of their devotion, and willingness to address doubts and challenges.

Listen to the project below

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