Ghanaian Youtubers you should check out

Check out these two amazing Ghanaian Youtubers and subscribe to their channels

There is so much you can do on Youtube. There are hours and hours of videos to watch on any subject under the sun. and there are also channels from people sharing what they love with the world.

Here are two Ghanaian Youtubers we are absolutely in love with. Read about what their channel is about here and subscribe to their channels.

We need them to keep making videos.

Julleana O!

Julleana’s channel was born when she realized that she didn’t have to wait to be an influential person to share her thoughts and personal experiences. She filmed her first video herself with makeshift lighting and nothing else but her iPhone. Subscribe to her channel for advice, tutorials, lifestyle, tips and vlogs!

Edem Fiawosime

This is one channel to keep you glued to your phone. Edem lights up her videos with a broad understanding of her subject and entertainment. Subscribe to her channel and watch videos ranging from different topics including makeup, fun stories and life experiences.

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