Rapper releases first record after his maiden performance at SXSW ’24

“Who Are You?” is a high-energy- party record that captures the zeitgeist of the streets of Accra and its nightlife: late-night parties, drugs, sex, debauchery, greed, gossip and corruption. The record is an infusion of African pop and Amapiano. With its infectious rhythm and captivating melodies, Tripcy effortlessly transports listeners to a place of euphoria where inhibitions dissolve, and the music takes control. Whether you’re in the heart of the club or simply looking to elevate your mood, “Who Are You?” promises an unforgettable experience.

This record is the first offering from Tripcy this year and comes right after his maiden performance at the SXSW ‘24 festival held in Austin, Texas annually. The song is produced by award-winning producers/artists Yung D3mz and Nektunez with writing assistance from Wes7ar22.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Tripcy has always been in touch with his roots and always sought to experiment with his much-professed love for Amapiano, together with his long-time friend and producer,
Nektunez. This soundscape has been consistent with releases such as “Captivate” and “Freeway” which feature Davido and Lady Du.

Listen to this new song by Tripcy on Spotify

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