7 Digital Habits from Gen Z’s Marketers Should Know

There has been enough conversation about how different young people popularly called Gen Z’s are from other generations before them. This is not far from the truth and many people argue that it’s because they are the first generation to grow up fully in social media. For example, young people are now more informed about the world they live in and also care about social issues than previous generations, thanks to the internet.

They are also more likely to receive different perspectives about any issue which may be different from what is served by local mainstream media.

But their unique nature also means it takes some time to fully understand them and how to sell to them. So to get older folks started in dealing with young people, here are 7 digital trends common with young people today that Marketers will have to reach them with products and services.

1. TikTok is for Search

Maybe you asked a Gen Z to look up something online and expected them to go on Google but instead, they went first to Tiktok. Turns out that is where young people are looking for information now and it’s very effective too. TikTok has a video for almost every question you can ask with more content providing different perspectives or tips about the same topic. Considering the vast resources Tiktok has, the young ones are right about this.

2. Authenticity is everything

Have you ever opened an account on Instagram and noticed that the person has no pictures but lots of followers? It’s hard to understand why but apparently for this generation apps like Instagram expect them to “show their perfect selves”; only vacation spots and pictures in fancy restaurants and this makes no sense to them. They prefer platforms like TikTok and Snapchat which give them more room to be their real selves and connect with friends.

3. A meeting is always better Online

This generation always believed in this before 2020 Covid, for other generations, choosing online to physical meetings became only necessary after COVID-19. Now the whole world seems to understand the message Gen Z has been preaching all this while. A meeting is better online but should be physical only when very necessary.

4. What an Influencer said is True

Influencer Debor asked her followers on SendIt What is their worst roommate experience

Influencers have always existed in our society; from the female TV host you admired, the opinion leader in your community group, or even the popular person in your school. There are people we admire for their lifestyle and take their word a little more seriously. Due to social media now, Influencers play a key role in driving activities on platforms and shaping the opinions of their followers on issues. For young people, Influencers play a key role in their decisions for shopping, purchasing, and relation to brands. This places Influencers in a very key spot where mainstream channels existed before. So next time you need a couple of young people to listen to you, maybe hire an Influencer to talk to them.

5. Free Expression Everywhere

You may have been driving in town and noticed young people dancing on the streets somewhere with a phone camera unafraid of all the attention they may be receiving and eyes staring at them. This is normal for young people these days who make anywhere their stage. Due to the rise of TikTok and dance challenges, all they need is nice scenery and a phone, and they will dance and record a video to post. Young people are expressing themselves more now and reaching the world quicker. If you want to talk to them, understand that free expression is important

6. Snapchat is Radio and billboard together

Over the years, research on media consumption has revealed a decline in young people consuming information on mainstream media like Television and radio. This is definitely because of social media and the internet but more interesting is the slot Snapchat fills as the platform for information and interaction for young people. The ephemeral app has become a secure platform for young people to interact with each other and also engaged them so much that they spend on products and services advertised on the platform so next time you badly need to sell something as an advertiser, consider Snapchat.

7. Podcasts are the new radio

Podcasts have taken the media space by storm introducing an alternative way for listeners to consume audio media, however, the growth has been astronomical with platforms like Spotify recording week-over-week growth for major podcasts. This trend shows no signs of slowing down and marks an opportunity to tap into this to reach out to young people.

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