As soon as you realized that it was February the 1st, you probably panicked because it meant you only had thirteen days left until Valentine’s Day. Which means thirteen days to figure out a gift idea for your significant other that is two things;

  1. Not lame
  2. Definitely not what you got them last year

This article is NOT meant to help you figure out “the perfect gift for him/her,” this article is here to make sure that when you do find the perfect gift you do not grab a last minute gift bag at your local grocery store or even worse give the gift to your valentines in its original box. They say bad news packaged in a pretty box becomes better news, okay no one said that. The point is packaging matters so do not neglect it and if you have we compiled 10 super cute ways to wrap your gifts and guess what each one will cost you almost nothing.

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t have a valentines date, by the time you finish reading this you will have a shortlist of potential candidates whom you will call shortly after.

This was written by Marian Chileshe. Read more from the author here. You can also follow her Instagram account @quirky_indeed