Get inspired by the work of Ghanaian Illustrator Afronite Stoic

Afronite Stoic is an artist from Accra, Ghana who fell in love with Art since childhood.

His work is inspired by society and streetwear fashion and is passionate about using art to address societal issues through satire in a way that can be both entertaining and educative.

His creative philosophy tends to flow anyhow he feels without fearing the judgments of others, just like kids in crèche do. He believes thinking and creating like a kid is the purest form of art ever.
His fictional character Stoic, symbolizes tranquility. It comes in stickers that are placed on fridges and other home items to remind people how to hold peace of mind and remain calm no matter the situation they are going through.

He is currently working on a series of paintings that bring to light how ridiculous we humans are becoming because of our fast-innovating technology without even realizing it.

If you are excited about this Artist, follow him on IG @afronitestoic and share his work with your friends

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