Weekend Watch: 5 animated series showing on Netflix

Similar to live action movies, animation is also considered a fan favourite all over the world. Typically made as adaptations or purely fiction, animation is loved for its good storytelling and interesting visual aesthetics and depth – hand-drawn, 3D, motion capture etc. far removed from other movie productions. 

With the growing use of video streams like Netflix Prime, Apple TV – viewers can get access to more animated movies. Despite all that, the stress of choice, makes the search for a good movie an unending scroll. This weekend say goodbye to all the bad movie choices you may have been faced with. Our editors have curated a short list of Netflix animation movies for you to enjoy. See movie list below:

01. Blue Eye Samurai

The first on the list is the Blue eye samurai. An eight episode series that is binge-worthy. The movie starts with the lead character Mizu embarking on a journey of revenge. Her focus is tested over and over again with “distractions” like friendship, pleasure, marriage. But she remains unwavering in her desire to complete her mission. Highly rated on rotten tomatoes, some fans are classifying the series as one of the best this year. The Blue eye Samurai grabs your attention with the various elements of its exceptional storytelling – social justice, sex, patriarchy and ancient leadership in Japan. This is a must watch.

02. Carol & the End of the World

A rather thought provoking series is what best describes Carol and the end of the world. The series poses the question of “What would you do if the world is ending in about 7 months?” And everyone but Carol is living their last days fulfilling their truest desires. Carol on the other hand is lost on what to do – she sticks to her normal daily routines as if nothing is at stake. This isn’t the first movie depicting the end of the world, but this one is very intriguing seeing how the lead character lives out the end of her life? What would she do to bring meaning to herself while living in an extreme hedonistic society.

03. Blood of Zeus

If you love Greek mythology, then this animation is for you. The series shows how a commoner, Heron goes from living an ordinary life in ancient Greece, to finding out he is the son of Zeus, god of the sky (heaven). Heron, who is now believed to be the god of strength is tasked with saving Olympus and earth from a demonic army led by his brother, Seraphim. Blood of Zeus is a captivating story about gods and monsters of ancient life. This adult animation highlights themes of tragedy, injustice and forgiveness. 

04. Arcane – League of legends

Two worlds apart – in Piltover and Zaun, two rival sisters Powder (Jinx) and Vi, fight each other for their cities and own course as League of Legends champions. The series, which is an adaptation of the game, portrays how the sisters’ bond is broken leading to vengeance from Jinx and Vi’s desire to save her from herself. In Arcane, the utopian city of Piltover is shown as glamorous and filled with ideas, science, development, while the underground city of Zaun is trapped under this utopian city – faced with constant raids and impoverished circumstances. This series is an animation masterpiece with strong themes of death, magic, chaos and sisterhood.

05. New Gods: Nezha Reborn

The life of an ordinary delivery man,  Li Yunxiang, changes when he gets beat down by the son of Boss (The Dragon King) – his justifiable anger is urged on by the God of rebel, Nezha, whom unknowing to  Li Yunxiang has numerous enemies seeking to avenge themselves. Now faced with a new dilemma, he has to seek out his own way and protect his family and friends from Nezha’s nemesis. This Chinese adult 3D anime has quite an intriguing look and feel which definitely adds to the story.

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