The first trending #hashtag of 2019 is here and it involves everyone showing old photos


At every moment in time, there is harshtag that brings the internet together.

In some cases, it’s been a worthy course like the #icebucketchallenge which started on facebook and included a lot of people and famous celebrities pouring water on themselves

Much recently, there was the #drawingwhileblack hashtag which had many black creatives display their work and who they are

Just a few days into 2019, the first successful hashtag to trend globally is in.

The #10yearschallenge requires social media users to juxtapose their pictures from 10 years ago with a recent picture.

This challenge has seen celebrities and pretty much every other friend you have jumping on it.

Some brands have had a quirkier take on it

One thing to learn from the harshtag though is that we are all constantly growing and cameras these days have better picture quality than the ones before.

Have fun celebrating life over the years with the challenge.


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