Top 6 websites to get free fonts from as a Designer

Choosing the right font as a designer makes a big difference in your work. It’s a detail in the creative process that once mastered makes your work look beautiful and classy. But great fonts are hard to come by and using the standard fonts in whatever design software you work with may not be enough. To help you, we have put together some websites where you can get free fonts for your project

Google Fonts

Google Fonts has the largest and most easily accessible library of free fonts in the world. There’s a 95% chance any font you’re looking for is a Google font. Aside from being helpful to graphic designers, the platform makes its library available for use by web designers through online integrations.

The unique thing about this website is that it creatively uses the fonts in beautiful designs showcased on the font’s page and as their thumbnails. This way, you get to see the best outlook of the fonts when used in designs. This feature is a time saver because designers usually realize the font they downloaded would be unhelpful only after they’ve had them installed and try to use them in their designs

Dafont holds more than 77,000 free fonts online. This website enables you to seamlessly have a preview of your font searches in the text you want to see them. This feature is available while you have still not yet downloaded the fonts.

Similarly to, this website also you to input your custom text to have a preview of fonts you wish to download. The text size can also be adjusted on the website.

Categorizing fonts into Graffiti, tattoo, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and so on, Fontbundles makes it easier to pick fonts for design projects specific to certain popular celebrations and design use cases

Fontesk holds a library of high-quality fonts in various themes. Over half of the fonts are free for personal use while the rest are also free for commercial use

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