Amazing TV commercials will always live with us

When they come up on TV in between the boring evening news segments and shows on our TV channels,  beautiful Ghanaian commercials have made us laugh, sing along or just cringe at their hard sell

Some of them have stood out and even though they were supposed to sell products to us, we fell in love with them.

One of such Production companies responsible for directing a number of the commercials we saw on our TV whilst growing up in Ghana was Apex advertising.

For over 10 years, they’ve served most advertising agencies and brands to produce and direct some of our favourite TV commercials

Here are a few of the really memorable ones that stuck with us.

When Kasapa and Free Night calls were a thing in Ghana

This love story for Vodafone

Our favourite TV family

Now we know that telling a Ghanaian parent you want to be a rapper isn’t a good idea

What to do when the bouncer won’t let you in

This kid who knew his mum was the best cook in the world

The kid who couldn’t stop asking why

This guy who wanted his girl back

This time Sarkodie freestyled for SAMSUNG

This frytol ad which made us all hungry

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