There is something they say always “Being single is the best time of your life” There is a lot of truth in it , only if you make use of the period you don’t have to worry about getting a Vals Day present for someone or going through emotional stress after an argument with your Boyfriend or girlfriend. Whilst you wait, consider these ideas to make ball whilst single


Being passionate about something is always a good thing. The experience of learning something new and becoming great at it will teach you to focus on yourself and build some confidence. At best, it could pay later in your life. There are stories of people who met their loved ones whilst chasing their passions


During this period, self-love is absolutely important. Buy beautiful clothes for yourself, take yourself out on dates to the cinema or go on trips. Learn to have some fulfilment spending time with yourself.


Without any commitments, you can make friends with the opposite sex without any guilt. Get to know a lot of people and build strong relationships. If you don’t get zoned, one of them will end up becoming your partner.


As much as being a loner can be good sometimes, being lonely isn’t always a good thing. Your time in school is the best time to socialize and make friends. Find a group of friends you absolutely love their company and have fun together. It can be your roommates, course mates or pals from your religious group.