Building habits for a healthy life always starts around the foods we eat. It is an essential part of living needed to nourish the body. Depending on what your goal is – weight lose, building muscle mass, recovering from an illness – healthy food is a must have on your plate.

In this post, we share with you 5 healthy eating habits to use in your daily food intake. Pair this with the tips you have learned about calorie counting, macronutrients, intermittent fast etc.

01. Breakfast must be Savory not Sweet

The fact is you need more energy to face the day – with breakfast being the first meal after a long night it is important to reduce or possibly eliminate anything sweet which can spike your glucose level and cause a slump in energy levels after 1 – 2hours. So it is advised that your breakfast contains more proteins, fat and fiber and less on the carbohydrates and sugar.

02. Build your foods around Protein

Many of us are guilty of making a dish around starch – limiting our intake of leafy fibers and protein all together. According to Jessie Inchauspe, author of the book Glucose Revolution, doing so means we limit the glucose spikes that constantly happens from eating more carbs causing more cravings and more over eating. However, eating more proteins – eggs, beans, nuts, Greek yoghurt, meat etc. – helps the body burn for fat for fuel and regulate a better blood sugar.

03. Desserts after a healthy meal

Healthy eating habits are great and so is soiling yourself here nd there. The goal is to be active and not restrictive. So when in fact it is a good practice to eat more proteins and fats/fibers, having some sweets after meal is the ultimate “tactic” not to spike your glucose. If you must eat anything not-so savory do so after eating a fiber rich main meal.

04. The right food order – veggies first

According to research, eating your vegetables first, then proteins and fats, before your starchy carbohydrates not only reduces the spikes in your blood sugar, it also makes you quite satisfied. This is important because, once full, you eliminate a lot of snacking and over eating that occurs with excessive cravings.

05. Don’t skip Probiotics, Vitamins and Mineral rich foods

Probiotic foods provide the body (gut) with healthy bacteria to boast the immune system. Vitamins and mineral rich foods help the body fight infections, build a strong bone density and regulate hormones. Foods like lean meat, wholegrains, fermented foods and low fat dairy are good options. Although one can still get that in quality food supplements on the market.

Include this list of healthy eating habits in your daily food intake. Try it out and let us know how that goes.