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Written by Nana Kojo Mula

I believe I speak for many people when I say the greatest emotion in the world is love. To love and be loved is something all of us hope to experience in its truest form and hope it lasts for a very long time. It is one of the reasons why I hold musicians who can capture what it means to love in their songs very well up high. After all, if one cannot experience it in real life, we can at least live it through someone’s art. One of the few artists that have always had a good story to share when it comes to love is Ghanaian afrobeats artiste/producer Camidoh. If he is not serving his love interest some sweet sweet sugarcane, he telling her why he is the best or telling the world about his lover Maria. Before of any these stories, he had already won me as a fan when he joined forces with DarkoVibes to give us “For My Lover”. Since that song, I have always kept an eye out for him so when he announced his new project “A Life Time Is Not Enough” I expected nothing but the best of lyricism, production, and great vocals. Together with his label Grind Don’t Stop, ALTINE is a 6-track project that takes us on an emotional roller coaster of the singer where he talks about Love,  loyalty, and the hope of longevity

 In the first song ‘Free Me’ He gives us an insight into life talking about the struggles and heartaches he has faced leading up to this point in his life. As successful as he is in his career, one would be quick to assume that stars are immune to struggles, but Camidoh proves such assumptions wrong. At the end of the day, he is human first and prone to challenges and in his search for freedom, he asks for ‘some booty’. After all, a little love from a baddie keeps the stress away. 

In his next song “Adoley,” we meet another love interest whom Camidoh expresses his intentions and emotions for. The danceable song is surely one for the ones who love to get jiggy with their partners. You can get groovy with them as you reaffirm your love for them. As someone who has just asked for freedom, he seems very okay telling Adoley how he knows true love is in her eyes. Now we know why he wanted some booty in Free Me.

After their first song together, we get another taste of Cina Soul and Camidoh on “Like You Mean It.” The pair share a bond that syncs very well. The harmony in their vocals should be applauded and comes off the back of good writing where both artists talk about affirmations. When it comes to the institution of love, having a partner who constantly showers you with words of affirmation is what Gen Zs describe as top-tier. Amid all the affirmations, both artists only ask for one thing, which is that their love interests love them like they truly deserve. I mean today’s love world, not everyone loves you like they want you to believe.

“Ghetto Luv” follows the theme of love where he continues to shower his lover with words of affirmation. He does employ an old-school pickup line ‘I have never seen anybody like you’ which may be old school but still very true and effective. Truth be told, when you fall in love, the one you are with is the only one you see.

We get a little bit more intimate on “All Yours,” which begins with a monologue where a lady is heard lamenting about how she hasn’t felt loved at least in its truest form in a long time and she does not have enough words to explain how to express her emotions but she does know that she truly loves Camidoh and he is the love of his life which is a very vulnerable thing to admit to someone. Loverman Midoh takes his time to assure her of his love. The backing vocals on this song’s drums give you the extra chill the singer intended. He serenades her with words that make me feel comfortable and at peace. Being that vulnerable with your partner and hearing them validate your emotions by also expressing how you are always going to be the one they love in Ga, English and Ewe are very comforting. I too would love to experience this level of assurance. Not Davido has a thing about Camidoh’s assurance.

“Do Me,” is a beautiful way to close out the project. After all the lovey-dovey things we hear in the previous songs, it is only right that we end with Camidoh asking his lover to do with him as she wants. I too would have asked her to do me as she wants to do me in a pleasurable way that is.

At the core, this writer believes that as much as Camidoh has morphed into an Afrobeats artiste, he still holds on to his foundation which is influenced by R&B and Soul which is scattered across the project. His background as a producer explains why the productions on this song are some of the best you will hear from this side of the world as far as Afrobeats is concerned. The addition of guitar, sax and other instruments draws out the bits of R&B influence. His writing although simple is very effective. The execution evokes the desired emotion be it joy, happiness or a feeling of warmth and bliss. The theme of the project was executed perfectly. I believe this project embodies what it means to love someone for eternity. You can now stream A Life Time Is Not Enough on all platforms.

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