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King Promise on Spark magazine front page

King Promise talks career, ambition, drive and dreams in Spark Magazine first print edition.

For a couple of years now, the Ghanaian Music scene has been banging with music from acts that have kept our feet dancing and our hearts falling in love with good music. One of such acts has been King Promise. With hits like “oh Yeah”, “CCTV”, “Selfish” and much recently “Abena”. In his slew are multitudes of hits with Superstars like Sarkodie, Manifest, Fuse ODG and a lot more.

In an interview for our first print edition, he answers some questions on his career, ambitions, dreams and his fond childhood experiences.

The first print edition of our magazine which also has an augmented reality feature makes it possible for you to watch videos on your phone just by downloading the Point and Play app and scanning its pages.

Read a snippet of the interview from the magazine below

S.M       How did it all start for you?

K.P        Everything properly took off about 3 years ago but before then I was going in and out of the studio as a hobby. But just before I completed university, I blew up and I knew exactly what I wanted to do after graduating.

S.M       When did you know that he wanted to be a musician?

K.P        In my last of university! I had my first big break and then I fell more in love with the music so right after university, I didn’t think twice on what I wanted to do.

SM        Did you always want to be a musician?

K.P        I wanted to be an architect or any in the line of real estate! Even a footballer at some point. I pretty much chanced on music!

S.M       What was your childhood like?

K.P        I come from an average family. Growing up was really exciting. I had a lovely upbringing!

S.M       Where did you grow up?

K.P        I was raised in Nungua, Accra. I had my basic and secondary school education there too.

S.M       Is there any instance in his childhood that you felt this was what you should do? 

K.P        (laughs) Nah. i never thought for a second I would become an artist. I have always loved music but wasn’t really an option i ever thought of.

S.M       Were there any challenges? How did you deal with those times?

K.P        I faced pretty much the usual challenges every upcoming artist in Ghana goes through from having difficulties to pay studio time and even just getting people to listen. But I am the type who’s always been optimistic regardless of my circumstance I may find myself. I choose to enjoy the process. It’s either a win or a lesson!

SM        How do you deal with self-doubt?

K.P        I pray

S.M       What keeps you going?

K.P        The drive to excel! Can’t stop, won’t stop! And the love from family and loved ones

S.M       How do you handle the fame and all the high expectations that come with it?

K.P        Just being calm and focusing on my goals. I am in no way perfect but I do my best since people look up to me now. I want everyone to believe they can be whoever they want to be if they believe in themselves and work hard. So, I try to be a good example of that.

S.M       What do you love to do apart from music?

K.P        I usually watch movies or play FIFA with the boys.

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