Solis4evr, the Nigerian Indie Pop star, has released her much-anticipated EP, ‘Ghost Town’. It features a unique blend of eclectic sounds that evoke feelings of aliveness, wildness, and recklessness. Likened to Willow Smith’s Punk Rock essence with a distinctly girly twist, Solis4evr‘s music offers a dream-like, psychedelic journey that stands out in the vibrant Nigerian music scene.

The project ‘Ghost Town’ features six enticing tracks that take listeners on a journey through a myriad of sounds. It begins with the title track, ‘Ghost Town’, where Solis4evr sets the tone with an ethereal, Pop vibe. The second and leading track, ‘Girl On a Mission’, features the dynamic duo of singer and song-writer Cruel Santino and Mowalola. Mowalola is a creative director for Yeezy Gap and renowned for her high-fashion brand. Cruel Santino, a prominent figure in the African music scene, brings his unique siren futuristic voice to ‘Girl on a mission’, adding a mesmerising layer to the track. His lyrics weave a tale of longing and urgency. Tracks like ‘Manic Pixie Not So Dreamy Girl’ and ‘F*ck!’ introduce a softer Punk Rock energy. ‘Sorry For Calling’, featuring the soulful Chicago-Nigerian native dreamer Isioma, brings a reflective, emotive depth. The EP concludes with ‘Global Strike’, an anthem that captures the essence of Solis4evr‘s fearless spirit.

This sentiment is tangible throughout the project:

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Based in Lagos, the heart of Afrobeats, Solis4evr is charting her own course, driven by a desire to create music that transcends genres and boundaries. Her sound is a refreshing departure from the mainstream, characterised by its psychedelic, fun, and dream-pop elements. Solis4evr’s commitment to crafting timeless music that evokes nostalgia is evident in every track of her EP project. Her goal is to open doors in Africa, presenting a unique and fluid musical identity that stands apart from the herd.

Solis4evr’s journey began in 2018 when she shared her music on Twitter, now known as ‘X’. This earned her recognition and credits from the likes of Odunsi the Engine on his album ‘Rare’ and Lady Donli‘s ‘Enjoy your life’. This rocketed her music journey as she opened for Amaarae Live Show in Lagos in 2021 and has since performed at a plethora of events such as Nativeland, Homecoming, Flytime Fest, and many more. Recently, she was named by Okay Africa as one of the women breaking boundaries in Nigeria’s creative spaces.

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Solis4evr says “Ghost Town is a world I created as a way to release in my life; its a dark and delicate story but the wonderful thing about being a creator is the ability to bend and mould things, so I turned something dark into something fun and Pop and something to dance to; it’s my gift to myself, to the world. I hope it’s as healing to someone as it was for me to make!”

Now, under Troniq, Solis4evr presents her first project. Dive into the mesmerising soundscape of ‘Ghost Town’, a collection of songs that promise to leave you feeling alive, wild, and inspired. Experience the dream-like world of Solis4evr and witness the birth of a new era in the Nigerian music scene.

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