5 Ghanaian instagram accounts for fashion

5 Instagram accounts you should visit to switch up your style this season

Clothes are an essential part of life. Most importantly, in this age where branding is everything, millennials, especially are exploring fashion to build an identity and to also boost their self-confidence. It is, therefore, no wonder that the need for clothes is essential, and to satisfy this desire enough, I present five best accounts on Instagram you can purchase clothes.


She is a self-employed fashion designer who is really driven and motivated. Her attires are made for both men and women and always done with a touch of class. She sews clothes for people home and abroad, so you have no worries if you may want to order any of her clothes. And where you are worried about her sewing your dress and not actually getting your measurements right, worry no more. She owns a website where you can input details about your attire, (whether it is a prom attire, wedding attire etc) and a size chart for the measurements. There is an opening charge of $100 to determine how serious one may be towards the making of the attire, however, this fee will be added to the overall amount for the attire that is being made. Delivery for non-express takes 5-10 days, whilst it is 3 days for express delivery. It takes 2 weeks though to process an order. So if you want a touch of Mimmy Yeboah’s style, go on her Instagram page, and send a dm. you will be directed to her website, which is www.mimmyyeboah.com for the appropriate details for your attire. You only need to send a dm.


This account is into the production of hoodies, sweaters, the making of shirts and customized clothing via sewing. They are really professional. It makes clothes for both ladies and gents. To place an order, you could contact the phone number on their Instagram page or send a dm. You pay half the price via mobile money or whichever payment method may be suitable enough, then indicate the size of your clothing, whether large, medium or small, then upon delivery, you pay the rest. And order may take a maximum of a week and some days to process, depending on the attire ordered. One should note though that delivery comes at a fee and clothes once sold are not returnable. They are also into customized inscriptions on their hoodies or sweaters at an extra cost. And for those who have a thing for beads, they deal with those at affordable prices, so surprise a loved one today by sending them a message.

@FendiBlaque Boutique

Third on the list is Fendiblaque Boutique. This is also a unisex account that deals with shirts, shoes, trousers etc. To purchase, send a dm, order, pay and expect delivery. Clothes are imported so to order for customized clothing, you need to do a pre-order transaction. It is pretty easy so send a dm today for some classy quality clothes!


This is an account with clothing for the girly girls. So ladies, if you want to look chic, visit the account and purchase clothes at prices you think you can afford.


To get nice and trendy ladies clothing at very affordable prices, visit their page. They include essential details for you to be able to transact with them. Their prices are really affordable so visit their page

So these are the five best accounts I would recommend you can purchase your clothing from, to enable you boost your self confidence with clothes your style.

This article was written by Anita Kathedra Natekie Nartey. you can follow her on Twitter here.

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