Malawi’s dynamic music scene has witnessed an electrifying collaboration between two of its brightest talents. Charisma Madness, the Stage Master of Malawian Hip-Hop, and the versatile Quest have joined forces to release their highly anticipated EP, “A Quest For Charisma,” marking a milestone in their careers.

Charisma Madness, born Madalitso Kantema, has carved his path to stardom with a journey that began in 2013. His solo career took off in 2016 with the hit single “Kubanda,” followed by a pivotal partnership with Madness Entertainment, founded by Kelvin Ngumunya (Jaa Kev). And at just 23 years old, Quest has been making waves since 2018 as an independent artist. His chart-topping single “Moto” , born Penjani Malata, showcases his versatile sound, blending genres from Trap to Afrobeat. Quest’s boundless creativity and dedication to his craft promise an exciting future both locally and on international stages.

The EP features eight tracks that showcase the unique styles and talents of both artists. The lead single, “Hawaii,” has already garnered immense success, setting the stage for the EP’s full release. With their distinct musical flavours, Charisma Madness and Quest invite listeners on a captivating journey through their artistry.

The collaboration between these two exceptional artists has been met with anticipation from fans and critics alike. “A Quest For Charisma” promises to be a defining moment in the Malawian music landscape, a testament to the vibrancy and innovation of its artists.

The EP which is now the number one project on Apple Music in the country is available on all major streaming platforms and is being distributed by Newwave Group, ensuring that fans around the world can enjoy the musical genius of Charisma Madness and Quest, listen