If you have an eye for beauty and symmetry then you are probably a designer at heart. Designers take all ideas from different places and present them in a way its easy for us to interact with and use. In this post, we have put together 6 design roles you can get to if you have the passion at heart.

Graphic Designer

You have undoubtedly come across many brand-related ads while surfing the web. You may also have seen very catchy billboards while taking a ride to your exciting destinations. These ads were all designed by graphic designers. A designer’s work typically includes finding creative ways to visually represent the message of brands in a very catchy and relatable way

Art Director

In design agencies, art directors play the pivotal role of guiding designers on the manner in which they are supposed to visually express messages in their designs to make maximum impact on the target audience. Graphic designers do not always have these professionals guiding them on what to do. They would most likely have to push themselves to grow to be able to come out with their own creative art directions

UI/UX Designer

‘UI’ represents ‘User Interface’, while ‘UX’ represents ‘User Experience’. In the field of programming, there is a great need for people who would carefully visually design products (websites and apps) before the real coding is done. These people are referred to as UI/UX designers. Typically, they use specialized graphic design and prototype software to design how the product should look like. They also use those designs to create prototypes (early models) of the products that can appear as though they were functioning apps or websites. UI/UX designers also design the flow of experience users should have while using the product in its final stages. Their work isn’t only required at the beginning of products. Their services are needed when newer features and functions need to be introduced to the already existing product. They can also test websites and apps to determine user-related difficulties and fix them.

3D Designer

Similar to graphic designers, 3D designers specialize in designing only 3D objects and setups. Many hyper-realistic branded images of new models of phones, watches, cars, perfume containers, etc. you might come across are not real photographed images, they are most likely 3D-modeled products. Most well-designed images of estates you see are also the works of 3D designers, as realistic as they may seem.

Motion Designer

These designers create animations and visual effects for videos, films, advertisements, and multimedia projects. Their works are predominantly seen in brand videos, TV adverts, and many other video works.

Environmental Designer

These designers plan and work on outdoor design, landscapes, and urban environments. Some of the designs these designers aid in navigating very wide and complex places. These designs give direction to people moving in certain places. Their work in hospitals promotes improved health, promotes healing, and reduces stress in patients.