5 splendid books for Self-Isolation

Books! Oooh Bo0ks. They are some of the best gifts during this period of Self-Isolation and social distancing

As usual, we have put together 5 books we think you should absolutely check out if you are self-isolating.

These books touch on different topics and themes you may enjoy. Have fun reading and self isolating.

1. My Sister, the Serial Killer

This book tells the story a young woman with a distasteful habit of killing her boyfriends (I know right!), very transparently through her sister Korede’s voice.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a dark topic, but conflictingly relayed in a light, even nonchalant fashion, or simply because it is a short book; but the bottom line is, I got through it quickly.

Braithwaite’s writing is gripping. It is simple and easy to follow without the distraction of an overabundance of description that can often take away from the momentum of a plot. She writes with a directness that can catch you off guard, and pairs this with just enough humor to keep it cool. I love that it’s set in Lagos, Nigeria and we get to read about a place not frequented in mainstream literature.

If there was one thing I could change in the book it would be for a more conclusive ending; some sort of closure. Nonetheless, My Sister, the Serial Killer is hands-down one of my favorite reads this year and for this reason, I rate the book 4.5 out of 5 stars.


2. Becoming by Michelle Obama

What a story, what a life!

It is a true life autobiography. Everything is covered from her earliest memories to leaving the White House after President Obama’s two terms.

“Becoming” is easy to follow and to pick up and put down whenever, and still be able to get into the story again.

I like the book because it provides insight into aspects of her life that you just wouldn’t know. Naturally, the spotlight has been on her husband, and by no surprise at all since he was the president! But what struck me in reading her story was how supportive Mrs Obama was in her husband’s journey to presidency. And I don’t mean encouragement by way of words – not to diminish words of affirmation at all – but Michelle Obama was doing field work. She campaigned on behalf of her husband all over the States. While her husband was showing up in some state or the other, Michelle Obama was bringing up the rear by representing him in other places. She was truly his ambassador.


3. Crossfire by Malorie Blackman

5 splendid books for self isolating

So this book is the fifth of the Noughts & Crosses series by the incredible story-teller and writer Malorie Blackman OBE, affectionately known as ‘Auntie’ Malorie – I truly feel like I know her. Haha – I wish!

Crossfire is a brilliant story and incredibly timely with the social and political climate of the current times in our world today. Blackman faces issues head-on, with unapologetic and fearless courage. She forces us to face hard and uncomfortable problems like immigration, Brexit, and police brutality thought the dystopia that she has created; causing us to truly think and get that conversation going.

Crossfire is full of action from page one right through to the end. It’s as though it’s been waiting impatiently to be unleashed since the last book in the series, Double Cross, was published eleven years ago. And it’s letting us know that it’s arrived alright! The story takes crazy twists and turns sucking you right in. I don’t think I’ve read a book faster this year.


4. Never split the difference

5 books for self isolation

Back to the book, Never Split the Difference is written by renown FBI kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss and it is a real gem. In all honesty, if you took just 3 of the dozens of points in the book and applied them in your everyday conversations, it would transform your relationships – both professionally and personally.

The book is filled with a wealth of practical keys backed with real-life scenarios as serious as hostages held for ransom, as relatable as having an invoice paid on time, and as simple as flipping a situation where a man’s landlord was looking to increase rates to him walking out of their meeting having agreed that his rent would actually be decreased! And all of this is broken down in a very easy to follow way. The book is so wholesome, the first time reading it it’s almost like taking a bite of food and not thoroughly chewing it before swallowing. Because there is just so much to be unpacked.

I’ve read it once before and there is no doubt that I will be re-visiting this one very soon.

5/5 guys, get your copy today if you can!


5. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big is a self-help book that was first published in 1959. This book is jam-packed with gem after gem, and in the way of real gems, they have not lost their value of the decades. The key lessons in this book are ever relevant today in 2020 and no doubt they will be in the decades to come.

Each lesson is supported by practical real-life examples and comes with worksheet type tasks that challenge the reader to test each of the principles split over 13 chapters


The writer of this piece is Victoria Ankrah. Read more from her website here








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