The 5 types of girls on University campus

Lockdown won’t stop us from missing these roommates from campus

Since most of us are home this lockdown and probably missing campus, here is something from campus which will probably make you laugh.

From level 100- 400, there are so many different roommates you may come across. Some may help you, others may become friends for life.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out well, but they all form part of the memories and experiences you will never forget.

Here are five kinds of roommates you’re most likely to meet on campus.


5 types of roommates on campus

This kind of roommate has always been on lockdown before it became a thing. She wakes up late and spends most of her waking hours in bed, watching series, or browsing on Twitter. She couldn’t be bothered to do anything in the room. Add her to the duty roster and the job won’t be done. She never sweeps the room but is quick to make a mess, never cooks but is ever ready to eat when you cook. Whenever you guys decide to make a meal together, she doesn’t participate, with the excuse that she’ll do the dishes but you end up doing them yourself. This roommate never has anything to buy until you decide to run out to get a few things. She’ll then present you with a shopping list from momoni to Daavi’s beans with eggs. Annoying as she may be, you can’t help but love this roommate because, despite her laziness, she’s so much fun to have around.



The 5 types of roommates you will meet on campus

“Spiritus”, “Chrif” and the like are the names you hear other people call this roommate behind her back. This roommate is always playing slow gospel songs at dawn and hip hop gospel in the afternoons. She wakes you up with tongues-speaking and bids you good night with Elder Mireku and Bro. Sammy. She’s rarely in the room because she’s always at one campus fellowship or the other. Funny enough, all the members of the Christian fellowship who come to see her are boys she affectionately calls “Bishop”, “Papa”. Sister Spiritus is always calm until you start playing RnB and she starts staring at you like you just stole one of her Christian brothers from her. If you’re the type who doesn’t go to church often, this roommate will make you feel like the devil’s incarnate. But this roommate can be a sweetheart sometimes and is always available when you want someone to talk to.



The 5 types or roommates Ghanaian University

This roommate is always arguing about the “isms” and advocating for something. In her spare time, she loves to read books about topics no one understands or listen to a song by an artist you can’t even find on Google. Her roommates call her “book-long” behind her back and they are not wrong. She claims to be a  “sapiosexual. That’s why she prefers to be friends with only people who can stimulate her brain. What’s interesting is that, when it’s time to wind off, this roommate knows how to turn up, making you believe she has another personality that comes out at night. Time spent with this roommate is always a learning experience. Be close to her and engage her.



Roommates you may miss on campus this lockdown

There’s never a dull moment with her around. She’s usually an extrovert and her way of life is highly contagious. She knows every happening spot on campus and in town and you’ll usually find yourself being dragged along as she goes partying. “All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl is her motto”. Ms YOLO cannot simply bear the thought of being in the room on a Friday night without going out. What’s interesting about being her roommate is that you are always getting called in the early AM to come and open the door for her after her rendezvous. She spends so much time partying and having fun that she never really studies. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that her GPA is a flawless 4.0. You don’t know how she does this and you will never know. It’s one of the mysteries in life. This roommate is definitely not enjoying this lockdown season.



Campus roommates you miss this lockdown

She is the mummy figure in the room. If you need someone to speak about your problems with, she’s the first person that comes to mind. Just call her and she’ll be there. She is the one who forces you to eat when you’re not feeling well and complains so much when you starve. To be honest, you’re blessed if you have someone like this as a roommate. They are welcoming and make all your friends feel at home even when you’re not around. The only thing that becomes a problem is that because of her super caring nature she’s always in your business… Asking questions like “so where are you going to?”,  ” ei so today too who are you going to meet?”  And other privacy intruding questions that really irritates you. But hold on because if you’re rude to her, you will have no one to feed or comfort you when you’re broke so chill. Don’t be annoyed yet.


Don’t be bored this lockdown. Share this piece or video with your roommates who fits any of the characters here.







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