YouTube remains one of the largest and best entertainment and informational sites on the internet. If you’re natural-­haired, it’s a blast. It can sometimes get overwhelming though because of the number of natural bloggers there and how repetitive and not-so-helpful some of the videos are. Below, I have put together a list of five YouTubers who have some of the best content for naturalistas.


This is one of the most informative channels I’ve stumbled upon. It’s run by a chemist who understands the chemical nature of hair and the products that go into it. She also practices Ayurveda (the Indian hair growth method) and completely natural hair care, and each video is so detailed and visually stimulating. A plus for me, her voice is so slow and soothing, and you’re literally drawn into understanding her at a relaxed, unrushed pace.


NappyFu TV is owned by an American-Nigerian woman living in the States. Her videos are very informative, and she speaks on hair care, posts routines and procedures, does product reviews and analyses trends in the natural community. She can be hilarious and switches easily between the American and Nigerian accents.


The most popular thing about this channel is the natural hair horror stories. Traeh puts up videos about hair care, styling and her personal hair journey. There are also product reviews. The horror stories are real-life narrations of the damage other people suffered from their hair due to bad decisions made by either themselves or a stylist they went to. From bad dye jobs to fried and snatched edges, they are definitely entertaining and will teach you the red flags to notice with personal hair care and stylists.


Glory is another Nigerian based in the US. If you’re looking for all the bomb hairstyles, then Glory Okings’ channel is the go-to. From afros, updos and tuck-and-rolls to crochet, braids and more, she has an entire range of easy DIY styles you can do on yourself without struggling or looking like a hot mess after.


This channel is one of my staples.  Jess has videos on hair styling, hair growth, product reviews, weave reviews, dye job advice and a whole lot more. Paired with her frisky happy personality, the videos are a delight to watch.

This article was written by A.A Sarpong. Read more from her through her personal blog here