Nigerian global superstar Ayra Starr released her sophomore album titled “The Year I turned 21” on 30th April. The 15-track album features African and International Artists like Giveon, Seyi Vibez, Asale, Coco Jones, Anitta and more. The impressive album has had social media raving about the superstar and her taste for music and unique personality but while everyone has been talking about the music, Entertainment Journalist and rockstar PR Executive Gracey Mae has been talking about the business.

in a thread on X, Gracey Mae shared some insights on the marketing and promotion journey Ayra Starr and her team at Mavin’s Records adopted to make sure you fell in love with the album the moment it dropped.

This is a masterclass in music marketing that you should check out.

1. Bank App Notifications

Bank app users got a push notification that Ayra Starr had dropped TYIT21. Crazy!

Gracey Mae

2. Notification on Food apps

If you were ordering food on Chow Deck, you got a lovely welcome message encouraging you to listen to Ayra Starr’s new album. Delicious!

Gracey Mae

3. Print Magazine features

Ayra Starr didn’t forget traditional media. She’s covering this Magazine! Plus she’s got a huge feature in Elle Magazine


4. Support from Streaming Platforms

Getting DSP support is so important so giving Spotify an exclusive interview makes so much sense. She did one with Apple Music too!

5. Outdoor Promotions

When the world is focussing on purely digital campaigns, Ayra Starr reminds us that billboards aren’t dead

Gracey Mae

6. Live Performances

48 hours before her album drop, Ayra Starr performed at the iconic Louvre in Paris previewing some over songs

Gracey Mae

7. Influencer Marketing

No campaign is complete without influencer marketing

Gracey Mae

8. Spotlighting Collaborators

Ayra Starr spotlighted all the features, writers and producers involved in The Year I Turned 21. These driving licenses were so thematic. Her artwork is in a red car and the announcement video sees her speeding past the limit

Gracey Mae

9. Radio Interviews

The world is super focussed on playlists but Ayra covered all bases by ensuring she did interviews on Nigerian radio

Gracey Mae

10. Listening Party with Industry Professionals and Tastemakers

Ayra Starr held an exclusive listening party for industry heads. When people feel seen, it’s a sentimental and effective way of getting meaningful support

Gracey Mae

11. Campus Tour

A university tour but not as you know it! Ayra Starr’s Mobstarrs are coming together to listen to the project

12. Virtual Listening Party

If you’re not in university, the Mobstarrs haven’t missed you out! Ayra Starr virtual listening party was in full effect

Gracey Mae

13. Collaboration with Digital Platforms

We got to know Ayra a lot more during this media run. Including fun digital platforms like Buzzfeed made the Starr so much more relatable

Gracey Mae

14. Fun Video Content

BTS! We’re nosey so getting a glimpse into how the project was made is always insightful. There were at least a dozen more ways Ayra Starr has wowed us with this album roll out but for now, let’s enjoy ‘The Year I Turned 21’

Gracey Mae

From this thread, we can conclude that combining digital and offline channels is better for a successful album rollout as Arya Starr did.

Listen to the much-talked-about album by Ayra Starr.

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