10 simple date ideas for couples on campus

Written by Abigail Ayisi Duodu

Healthy relationships are an essential spice of life for all couples. However, the importance of healthy relationships as a young person should be paramount to your growth. Nurturing these quality relationships right from school goes a long way to ensure that your adult life is filled with the best people. For this reason, dating as a student requires creating meaningful memories together with your partner.

Finding simple activities for couples to explore on campus can be reassuring in such a harsh economy. And amidst the stressful ins and outs of school life, these 10 simple date ideas can allow you to enjoy your partners’ time on campus.


Since most campuses have parks and beaches all around, planning a picnic date should be less hectic to do. Simply, filling up your basket with affordable snacks, blankets, and some board games to pass the time can go a long way for couples to enjoy quality time together and some fresh air.

Sip and Paint

A couple that creates together, stays together! All you need is a blank canvas and some cheap paint to start your date. Make sure you don’t forget the non-alcoholic drink to sip on as you create an ugly masterpiece. Lol, painting as a couple has nothing to do with creating beautiful pieces, and all to do with sharing an enjoyable experience. Although this activity is suitable both indoors and outdoors, it’s best to mind the mess and keep the activity inside, and with each other.

Couple Game Night

There are a plethora of games you can play with your special person when dating on campus. A simple pick and act can start the night with hearty laughter and performances. However, when planning game nights, it is important not to exaggerate the process but to stick to basic activities that keep the focus on you two. Board games, indoor treasure hunt, card games, video games etc. are amongst other suitable games for a couple’s game night. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Movie nights are a common date night idea for couples, however, taking it up a notch to enjoy an open-air movie experience on campus is likely to double the excitement. There is nothing beautiful than sharing your love openly for people to see. Campus locations like the Legon Amphitheatre is ready to give you such experiences. 


Camping on campus may be a new experience altogether if you are dating as a student. Although camping is an affordable date option, finding the right place to pitch a tent, away from other students may be hectic. But being intentional with your search and planning ensures that you and your partner have a great experience. If camping is not allowed, you can try a similar decorated sleepover option to enjoy.

Poolside Party

Serene date experiences are one way to enjoy time together. Other times, you and your partner can go all out. Pool parties are the best option for a date out. Joining a campus organized pool day event can still be considered a reliable fun activity for a couple. Enjoying a time out with music, good food and friends all around will make for a jolly time. 

Indoor Dinner Date

The expensive nature of restaurants and eateries in today’s economy will be a daunting option if you are dating as a student. Going for a simple planned dinner date together is the best. Visiting the market together, decorating for the date, and cooking an easy meal ensures that your time spent together is memorable.

Themed Programs

Valentine’s Day workshops, student trainee programs, and other important talk shows held on campus occasionally are also good options for a young couple. Banking on life-worthy knowledge shared by billed dignitaries and experts would teach a young couple valuable life lessons. So skipping the fun and entertainment for some time to enjoy other prospects is an important merit. 

Live Theatre Productions

As a student on campus, it’s quite easy to find flyers all over promoting a live theatre production. For productions handled by theatre art students in learning, the quality of their storytelling is always exceptional. As a couple looking for a date activity, you can indulge in live theatre art right on campus. See excepts from The gods are not to be blamed

Virtual Dates

Not all couples date partners on the same campus or nearby. It is important to ensure that you spend quality time as a couple in a long-distance relationship. Having virtual dates, sharing streaks, and filming a day in a life curated only for your partner as a date option will encourage spontaneity and strengthen your bond regardless of the distance.

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