The Smart Casual

For the ladies that love to look neat, and conventional but in an informal way……here you have it. Wear your denim with a button-up shirt in plain white or any pastel color. For a more vintage look, go for floral or mixed print. Pair them up with heels, ankle boots, or flats depending on the function.

Photo credit:  Instagram-Alexandra_graces

The Girly Way

This lady loves plenty of beautiful lace as well as ruffles, hearts, flowers, and pale colors. She’s romantic at heart and wants to be treated like a lady all the time. Rock your denim with lace tops, chiffon blouse, or ruffled blouse. Pair them up with a nude heel or flats, your clothes may consist of a lot of designs or colors.

Photo credit: Instagram- Frances_ackles

Denim on Denim

Who doesn’t love the “Canadian tuxedo”? You can never go wrong with red and a denim. Rock them up a red ballet flat or a polished sandals.

Photo credit: Instagram- Frances_ackles

The Bougie Way

“My bitch is bad and boujee…… cookin’ up dope with a Uzi…..”Am sure a lot of girls want to look dope and bad but still conservative. Rock your denim with oversized blouse, body hugging tops or body suits. Ladies you don’t have to expose too much cleavage. Pair your outfit up with heels….. Not flats….not sandals.

Photo credit: Instagram- sherlinanym

The African Way

Flaunt your African culture in a fashionable way. Pair up your jeans with a stylish African print blouse and black heels for your Sunday wear or functions on the weekends.

Photo credit:  miss_glover

The Casual Way

For those days when you are bored and don’t feel like looking stylish……wear your jeans with a basic tee. Pair them up with sneakers or mule slippers for a stylish look.

Photo credit:  Instagram-Alexandra_graces