Style Retro like its new

By Miss Anowaa

If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that Gen Z is hot for the late 90s and early 2000s fashion trends aka Y2K which is now very popular. 

With its striking colors, futuristic feelings, and whimsical accessories, Y2K fashion is making a comeback and is all about embracing the retro aesthetics of the late 90s and early 2000s. I mean think of chunky sneakers, beaded necklaces, baby shirts, cargo pants, tiny sunglasses, and butterfly clips.

Several high-end labels have jumped on the fashion trend resurrection, let’s not forget about the social media fly boys and super hot girls.  If you’re curious about Y2K fashion aesthetics, Ayra Starr and Amaarae, are the best representations of the style, their striking sense of style can be traced to the early 2000s golden era of Y2K Nollywood celebs, from their fits, hair, and even their makeup.

Wait a minute, have you noticed so many micro trends often tagged with the suffix “core” have come up in the past couple of months? From “Barbiecore” to “mermaidcore,” which got social media buzzing with recreating fashionable looks from wearing hot pink, sequins, and sheer materials with ocean-like hues to the coastal grandmother trend featuring oversized cardigans and linen sets. I guess GenZ is not done revisiting or digging up old and weird fashion trends, well they should keep digging because we love them

Trying to glean some Y2K outfit inspiration, don’t worry I am here to take you on a journey through the past while showing you how to rock this trend in the present.

Baby Tees

Baby tees are cropped, short-sleeved tops with a tight-fitting silhouette emphasizing the waistline and versatility. They mostly have colorful and playful designs or text on them and can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion. Unleash your inner ’90s child by pairing your baby tee with low-rise jeans or a miniskirt and playfully accessorize.

Tie Front Tops

Tie-front tops have a knot or bow at the front, these tops emphasize the waist and add a playful element and sexiness to any outfit, whether paired with jeans or a skirt.


Arya Starr wears Y2K Fashion
Aryastarr at Wizkid concert

The early 2000s had a lot of playful and provocative mini-skirt styles, from pleated, micro skirts to the high and low skirts which embodied the Y2K fashion and provocative approach to style. These mini skirts with a hemline that barely covers the hips, creating a sexy and youthful silhouette. You can style them with cute crop tops and baby tees.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a more practical and comfortable approach to dressing with style. They are defined as practical and comfortable because of their multiple pockets, and the loose and laid-back vibes they give. When styling your cargo pants, go bold and unexpected by snapping on a high-cut bodysuit or sultry crop top.

Y2K Accessories

The Y2k accessories are a must-have, they complete and bring a look to life. Here are some trendy staples; Baguette bags, chunky shoes, snap clips, beaded jewelry, Clay or acrylic rings, weird-looking sunnies,

and bandanas. All that matters is pairing them with the right outfit.

Now that you are aware of key Y2K fashion essentials, let’s discuss how to accessorize Y2K clothing with more modern pieces for a chicer appearance. Here are some styling pointers to help you style your way through the Y2K era; mix and match, embrace Logomania, accessorize boldly, and dabble with color.

I might have left some Y2K pieces out  Check out this video

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