Influencer Nhyira Baidoo asks: What annoys you most about your roomate
Influencer Nhyira Baidoo asks: What annoys you most about your roomate

Confessions! What annoys you most about your roommate?

The most hilarious responses from Nhyira Baidoo’s Snapchat followers

Curated by Nhyira Baidoo on 26th November, 2023

Roommates can really be the most annoying people in our lives. That’s the only conclusion you will get when you go through these responses Girllikeroyalty got from her followers when she asked the question “What annoys you most about your roommate?”

We have collected some of the best responses here for you to read through and share with your friends, hopefully, you don’t have roommates like this if you are on campus too.

Someone hates sharing their food
Snapchat SendIt replies

Boyfriends keep causing problems
Snapchat SendIt replies

Must have been a funny scene
Snapchat SendIt replies

Extra roommates are always a big problem
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Serious knackings in the dark

Yet another boyfriend starting a ruckus in a girl’s room

Snapchat SendIt replies
Damn! This must hurt

lol this will make the whole room smell

Boyfriends really have no shame

Dirty roommates are the worst

What in the GOT is happening here

My man doesn’t know the value of the perfume

another boyfriend troublemaker

That’s a lot of trouble from one roommate

This one wishes her roommates had more social life

A story of cheap perfumes

Probably allergic to water

Can’t stop the feeling

No one wants a noisy roommate


It’s a family affair

He is upset his roommate is a good boy

Someone has appointed herself Hygiene Minister

Someone needs her freedom

Someone is playing smart in the room

Someone is not being considerate



Looks like two boring people met in a room

This time it’s the girlfriend causing the trouble

Caught a soup thief

Revenge is a meal best-served cold

Someone wants a fun roommate

Must have been really awkward

We might need some more context on this

The sender is the evil one here

Allow a sister to rant

Luckily, you have the option to change rooms and escape your evil roommate after a year or just tell them how you feel about what they do. Hopefully, they are not too strong to beat you.

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