Wild whips, cool dogs. Spot your friends at the KNUST car wash and dog show hall week event.

Who would have ever thought that a car wash and dog show would be a thing

KNUST made that happen when they had a car wash and dog show last Saturday during their hall week

Unlike previous years where every hall on campus celebrated their own hall week, this year saw all the halls coming together to celebrate one big hall week

That meant this year’s events were more special and super exciting. The car wash and dog show was so exception

As already seen at Pentagon hostel and Hilla Liman Hall week celebration in Legon, the car wash event featured owners of cars bringing their cars over for ladies to wash them

To make it more interesting, the organizers combined the car wash event with a dog show.

These are the images from this big event

The vintage classics came out for a wash

The new cool ones also came out to play

The celebrity dogs were also there

Repu Hallweek 2018

This other dog who came dressed

These beard gang members who posed for the camera

KNUST Hall week

This white car which was receiving a special treat

TECH Hallweek

This macho man who had a very good time

Ghana University Hall week

This lady who was ready for a picture

TECH Hall week 2018

This host who was vibing with the washing experts

Repu Hallweek 2018

This red Benz that got a lot of love

Repu Hallweek 2018

This Hummer that looked too cool

All images were shot by Caleb Oheneba. Check out more of his work on Instagram

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