Views from Pent Hall week car washing event

On Saturday, 3rd March, Pent Hostel hosted a car washing event as part of their Afrocentrix hall week activities.

Just in typical Pent student fashion, the car washing event had an extra feature.

Drivers who wanted their vehicles washed and the crowd available to watch the cars being washed got to experience just a little more than you will see in a typical washing Bay in town.

Relive the event on Saturday through these images.


The cool whips came through


So did the car wash experts


This car washer must be very good at the job because everyone was recording her


and this car washer who didn’t seem to know what she was doing


and this lady who loved sitting on this car


Apparently white cars need a lot of foam to get clean


This special washing event will be happening again at the next hall week. We just can’t wait for the moments and images that will come out of that.




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