Music is food for the soul. We all have music we like to listen to alone, with our pals, or to turn up the party. However you enjoy your music, we are suggesting 6 tracks you can discover and update your playlist with. Whatever sound you are into, there is a song for you here. Find all the songs on SOUNDCLOUD and any other streaming site you love.

Bryan the Mensah – See the Move

If you are a Hip-hop fan this is just right for you. “See the move” is on Bryan’s “Friends with the Sun’’ EP. Bryan picks this as his favourite out of the 8 songs. Check the music out on SOUNDCLOUD and other streaming sites.

BIG BEN – Loving You

CAUTION! If you are dealing with heartbreak, this song may invoke some tears; don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you are in love or intend to fall in love, you have just found your perfect jam. Log on to SOUNDCLOUD and listen to “Loving you”


Ladies, do you ever get the feeling your boyfriend’s mom might not like you? Calm down and listen to Cina Soul sing your pain on some acoustic. Cina is amazing and everyone deserves to enjoy her art, i honestly wish i wrote this at 00:01. Google “No like me” and stream this beautiful music.

KWESI ARTHUR – Devil Knocking

Kwesi keeps serving hits after hits. In Devil knocking, Kwesi sings about avoiding temptations and staying sane. This is the kind of song to play when you are taking a walk alone or just enjoying some alone time.


Are you looking for hard Hip-hop unapologetic, uncensored talent well look no further, Tinuke is here to deliver it fresh. On FOMF, Tinuke Noah goes in hard telling you exactly what you should do if you don’t ride with her. Mad Scientist took his time on his feature. You should get this and everything she has done.

RIA BOSS- Flame On

Ria is sharing light to your dark days with her unique voice. This tune is one of the most beautiful self-love songs recorded live. You might get a little or a lot emotional when you listen to this and why not? The best part of all this is Ria’s story. Leave your hard girl or hard boy cover at a distance when enjoying this. Ria Boss is Ria Boss!