A few tips to have in mind before partying like a Rockstar

Great fun comes with great responsibility

Unwinding comes across as one of the most promising fantasies of any individual.

For the working class, the weekend could come no sooner.

For students, it’s the best way to blow off some steam after all the late night learning and lectures.

As much as a party may come across as all fun and entertaining, there are numerous things one must look out for before deciding to party.

In this article, we bring you some of the most important things to take note of before attending that lovely party you are planning on.

Budget your fun

While some parties are free, others have prices that are moderately pegged and some others have prices that are mind-boggling. Before going to any party, make sure your finances can literally sustain you under it and if not then please do well to stay away or find a more affordable alternative for fun

Watch your valuables

If you cannot keep a keen eye on your valuables, it is better to leave them at home: As the saying goes, “In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity”. Although a party is a gathering for merrymaking, make no mistake to think everyone is there to make merry. Handle your valuables carefully under a party or risk losing them to muggers

Eat before going

Do not go to a party on an empty stomach: For a free party, shortage of food is certainly impendent and to avoid having stomach aches while jamming to the latest tunes, you should do well to eat properly before the party. Also, take note that a full stomach slows down the absorption of alcohol

Watch what you swallow

It is common practice for friends to pass on pills or some form of ecstasy during partying. Unless you are sure what exactly that pill is, don’t take it in at all. Some of these are very dangerous and harmful to your health. Same goes for booze too.

No drunk driving

Make sure your driver is one who has not actively partaken in alcohol drinking or drug use: Several party stories have ended sourly with the merrymakers meeting injury and in some cases death through accidents that occur when returning home. Do well to ensure that you do not allow a drunk friend drive you home so as to avoid calamity

Go with a crew

Do well to go to a party with friends or know a couple of people who will also be in attendance: This could be described as the most important tip. Most young people are familiar with the term “gnashing” and trust us you would never want to be caught up in that situation. What fun would a party be if you’re celebrating by yourself anyways?

Go prepared

Always keep a condom in hand when going for a party: No one is suggesting that a party is going to be about sex but hey anything could happen and remember that sex without a condom is like crossing a six-lane road with a blindfold on. You can’t know who’s infected and who’s not.

Have all the fun and be safe out there.

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