The Mitch brothers unveil Relief by MB, the new line of ceramic-scented candles to soothe your senses

Aside from being bona fide fashionistas and influencers, the Mitch brothers revealed on Valentine’s Day that they are also big connoisseurs of good fragrances. The Snapchat-famous Ghanaian twins announced their new line of ceramic-scented candles, Relief by MB, unveiling what they are confident is a portal to “the ultimate form of relaxation.”

With an enticing range of scents to suit your mood and taste, Relief by MB comes in exquisite notes of Sage & Sea Salt, Bulgarian Rose, Hermes, Super Cedar, Vanilla and Jasmine. Each candle promises to rejuvenate your olfactory senses uniquely while beautifying your surroundings. They come encased in glossy, high-quality ceramic jars that seek to add a touch of elegance to your home, office or bathroom.

“A couple of months ago, Schardo and I needed candles that fit our home’s white and beige theme but didn’t like anything available. They didn’t fit the aesthetic we had spent years setting up, so we contacted a distributor to make us a bespoke piece,” Nana Mitch shared in a press release. “The result was a hit among friends. Their excitement inspired us to share our new creation. Schardo immediately got to work on the promotional shots and before we knew it, Relief by Mitch Brothers was a reality. Now, the goal is to help others attain the ultimate form of relaxation.”

The launch of Relief by MB will see Nana Mitch and Schardo Mitch dabble in yet another art. The two, well-known for their exploits in personalizing Africa’s Snapchat experience, content creation and recently reality-based content, plan to use their tried and tested brand-influencing chops to turn their passion for fragrances into what looks set to be a thriving empire.

Now is your chance to catch a break from the stale winds of the harmattan. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a lush atmosphere of nature’s finest aromas by heading to Instagram (@reliefbymb) to place an order. Get yours while stocks last.

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