For the Sharks: Discover free courses online from Global Universities

If you’re reading this article, it means that you understand how these ‘free’ courses could potentially re-shape our educational systems here in Africa. Before I delve into this any further, these courses are called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and you guessed right, they’re taken online.

Are they really free?
Yep. They’re free. That is if you just want the knowledge but for a certificate from your favourite Ivy League university, you might have to pay a token (approx. $25 or GHS 125).
Why should I try MOOCs?
The question should rather be “Why shouldn’t you try them?” MOOCs offer you a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to:
• An introduction to courses you would like to major in (so that you’re sure you want to spend your entire life in that field)
• A competitive advantage over other students
• Access to courses not readily available locally (like IoT, Data Science etc.)
• Useful information and skills (like programming, Excel, AutoCAD etc.)

How do I enrol?
There are a number of websites offering MOOCs. A few have been listed below. Log on, go through their courses, find one (or 10) you like and start – as simple as that.






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