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New Look: 5 Ghanaian Fashion brands that sell the traditional Ghanaian Story

Ghanaian Fashion clothing brands have come a long way in the fashion world. Showcasing a variety of streetwear, textiles, and print brands, the country has made strides in international clothing industries and global consumer markets.

Dating back some decades ago, the Ghanaian traditional fashion was a ceremonial heritage that belongs to the people of Ghana. Similar to other West African countries known for their native attire, Ghana’s culture has grown a lot since the widespread use of the royal Kente cloth and various local weaving and cloth-making practices new to the world. Today, fashion brands like ATL, Vlisco, Christie Brown, Yevu, Ajabeng, have stuck with making more modern clothes patterned with traditional print pieces that hold very symbolic meanings to the country and cloth maker — For these brands, this means telling fashionable stories and inviting the world to see the vibrant fabrics and designs that Ghana has to offer.

Take a look at the full curated lookbook below

Be sure to keep up with the fast-evolving Ghanaian fashion world, we will definitely share more designers and fashion brands here as well.

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