If you love Ghanaian music, then you will freak out on this post

For over a decade, Nana Kofi Asihene has been putting visuals to some of our favourite Ghanaian songs.  In his career, as a music video director, Nana Kofi Asihene and his team have directed over 100 music videos and created some of the most iconic scenes we’ve seen coming out of Ghana.

In his career as a music video maker, Nana Kofi Asihene has worked with musicians all around the continent, received numerous awards and created the most watched Ghanaian music video on YouTube

In this post, we feature some of our favourite videos he made that brought the game of how music videos were created and made us to fall in love with Ghanaian music.

This one from Bra Kevin which we all absolutely loved

This got some of us emotional

One of Sarkodie’s earliest videos

This changed the way gospel videos were made

Everyone loved this video he made from D-Cryme

This was just too entertaining to watch


There was this beautiful video too from R&M

Beautiful, beautiful video

Very very adult music

This one from Mr Eazi that mesmerized us all


This very emotional tale he made for Dark Suburb

We just loved the energy in this

This perfect collaboration between Sarkodie and Ice Prince


This one from Edem we loved soo much

This video that had more iconic shots than we could count

The most-watched Ghanaian video on Youtube

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